twhirl 0.9 released

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We have been working really hard to get the latest twhirl release ready for you. twhirl 0.9 adds a lot of new features and fixes many bugs. This new version includes support for saved searches on Twitter, finds tweets mentioning your @username, allows cross-posting to many other sites via, creates short URLs with, lets you record videos for Seesmic , updates your Seesmic timelines in (near-)real time using XMPP, and much more.

The vision we have for Twhirl is very simple: be the best client in the world to help you share information with your friends across all social software, and to help you get their replies for a constant conversation within your communities.

Following on from today’s release we’re already working on our next top priorities - to help you group your friends and also an uber top secret surprise feature we’re very excited about! So remember to join Team Seesmic if you want to help us design the next version as well as get the previews before anyone else!

In a nutshell, here’s what’s new in Twhirl 0.9: (a more detailed description follows below)

  • spellchecker (currently English only, can be deactivated in settings if you use Twhirl in other languages)
  • your Twitter @replies will display even if you are mentioned in the middle of a tweet
  • don’t miss anyone quoting your name
  • share all your updates to all your favorite social software via Ping.FM support: Twhirl now posts to Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and more
  • follow any topic in near-realtime: searching for a term or a brand and then activating it as a saved search it will bring all future mentions of it into your timeline
  • record a video and post it straight to Twitter, then get your Seesmic video replies and follow the video conversation
  • get new Seesmic replies and videos in realtime thanks to XMPP support
  • support for url shortnener with stats and history
  • support for direct messages and favorites on

We’ve also fixed many bugs, including:

  • “in reply to” references on Twitter and are now supported correctly
  • drag/resize issues should be fixed
  • support from Twitter and accounts
  • pressing Shift-Space no longer creates two spaces on non-OS X systems
  • @usernames, ‘Twhirl’ and ‘Seesmic’ are not marked as spelled wrong :P
  • copying URLs from timelines using the contextual menus is working now

For a full description of the new features, please see this post on Loic Le Meur’s blog.

How to get the new twhirl version

We are pushing this version through the built-in auto-update mechanism, so if you already have a previous version installed, the next time you start twhirl, it will prompt you about the new version.

For a first time install, or a manual update, please visit the twhirl homepage and follow the instructions.

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