twhirl and the Twitter API rate limit

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One of the new features twhirl added lately was auto-throttling its request usage to the Twitter API based on the current limit they enforce. This was possible by requesting the number in action from their API, so we could adapt twhirl’s request schedule to it. This worked great, and we have received far less reports of users having issues with exceeding the limit since then.

But unfortunately, Twitter decided to change the behaviour of the request now, so the algorithm implemented in twhirl does no longer work correctly. It will likely send less requests than it could.

We knew Twitter would sometimes change what the request returns, to reflect your remaining hits in the current 60 minutes period. But although we asked them to not do it without prior notice to developers to give them time to change their applications to the new behaviour, we were surprised they changed it so fast.

We are working on changing twhirl’s auto-throttle magic to use the new behaviour, and get a maintenance release out as soon as possible. Until then, you can disable the auto-throttle for a twitter account in twhirl by opening the configuration, navigating to the “Network” tab, and unselecting the “follow reduced API limits” option.

Thanks for your understanding, we keep you updated!

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