twhirl 0.8.1 released

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About two weeks ago, twhirl version 0.8 came out, introducing Friendfeed support and overhauling the UI for better navigation. We have received a lot of feedback about this version, and also some reports about problems some of you had with that version. We have fixed those issues, and are releasing a new version today.

The new version 0.8.1 is mainly a maintenance release, which has a lot of bugs fixed. But there are also some new things in it, especially for Friendfeed users. Here are some important things that have been changed or added:


If you added your Friendfeed account to twhirl, you might have noticed that the client became unresponsive after a while. We have eliminated the bug that was responsible for this, so the new version will no longer show this behavior.

What’s new for Twitter?

Twitter added some new stuff to their API lately, and twhirl now adapts to these features. You can now block a user from the lookup panel, by clicking the corresponding button. Twitter also sends back now if you follow a user when you lookup a username, so you either have a “follow” or “unfollow” button available.

A feature from the website that was not included in twhirl was linking “in reply to” to a specific tweet. Twitter did not make this information available on the API before, but now does. So when they send it, twhirl now links “in reply to” to the tweet on the website.

What’s new for Friendfeed?

While the first version of Friendfeed support in twhirl only included the normal feed of a user, it now adds the discussion to it. If you open your “Me” panel, you’ll see that it includes all entries from your own feed, as well as all entries you commented or liked.

And if you lookup another Friendfeed user, you have two tabs to select from: the first displays that user’s feed, including stuff from all services he shared, and the second his discussion, which are the entries he commented or liked. Both lists show the last 30 entries.

If you want to see the whole picture of an entry on Friendfeed, you can now click on the ‘time since’ link below the text (like “about 2h ago”) and will be redirected to the website.

Where to get it?

As usual, the new release is made available through the built-in automatic update function. But you can also go to the twhirl homepage to install it or update your installed version.

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