twhirl 0.8 released - adding friendfeed support

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Time for a new twhirl release! We already launched a preview version some days ago, but now it becomes official: version 0.8 allows you to connect to your friendfeed account from the same application you use to read from and post to Twitter. The user interface has been cleaned up a little bit, and various bugs have been fixed.

friendfeed support

twhirl started as a Twitter desktop application some months ago, allowing you to access the microblogging platform right from your desktop, and became the most popular third-party client for Twitter now. With the new release, we are adding full support for another service to twhirl for the first time.


If you have a friendfeed account, simply add it to twhirl and connect. You will see all your friends’ items, your own items, or anything from friendfeed’s public timeline, you can lookup other friendfeed users, or search items on friendfeed. And you can share a note, a link, or an image (or everything together) on your friendfeed feed.

Add your friendfeed account

Open twhirl’s accounts manager to add your friendfeed account. If you just installed twhirl and started it for the first time, it will show automatically. If you only see a twitter window, click on the twhirl logo at the top left to open it. Select “friendfeed” from the drop down list, enter your friendfeed account name, and press Enter. To open the account, select the new account from the list and click on “Connect”.


To use your account from twhirl, you don’t need your friendfeed password, but your API remote key. To get it, log in on their website with your credentials and go to to find it. Enter it when twhirl prompts you to.

Friends, Me and Everyone

twhirl displays the three feeds you might already know from their website. Friends shows all information shared by your friends (including your own), Me has everything you shared, and Everyone is the public timeline. You can switch between these by clicking the buttons below the list.

The two buttons to the right allow you to lookup friendfeed users and see what they shared, and to search your friends’ feeds.

Sharing something

If you want to share something on your friendfeed directly, click the speech bubble button at the bottom left to open the input panel. You have to enter a text to share, and you can include a link to be posted optionally. Also, you can add an image by dragging and dropping it onto the image icon at the right. Even URL shortening is available, it will add the short URL to your text.

Enhanced UI for Twitter windows

Previous versions of twhirl used a combo box to switch panes in twitter windows. While this saved a lot of space, it wasn’t very obvious and not intuitive for many when trying to navigate. Also, returning to the timeline always required two clicks, which was a little annoying.


Version 0.8 now uses a button bar that allows fast switching. Please note that friends and followers panel have been joined into one, and you can select which list to view at the top.

Get twhirl 0.8

If you already have a version of twhirl installed, you will be notified about the new update when you start it and can install it directly.

You can also manually install or update to twhirl 0.8 from the homepage.

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